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FedEx Express Competitive Position

FedEx Express is the leader in the U.S. express transportation market — a market we created 40 years ago. This is the best possible foundation upon which to grow an integrated global network.

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Portfolio Expansion

As we have expanded our portfolio beyond products to products, services and solutions, FedEx Express is now positioned to go after a piece of a much larger global market.

Market size estimates are based on CY2012 data.

  1. Cross Border NAFTA and Intra-EU for top 4 integrators only
  2. U.S.-Canada-U.S.; Canada Domestic; U.S.-Mexico-U.S.; Mexico Domestic
  3. Excludes U.S. Domestic Package
  4. GCIL and Healthcare finished products from manufacturers only

FedEx Trade Networks is part of the FedEx Express business segment and the total addressable market of $287B for FedEx Express. The total market shown above includes approximately $13B for FedEx Freight.

Source: FedEx Analysis

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