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FedEx Delivers Billions to the Taxman November 20, 2019
The New York Times runs a misleading story on our 2018 tax return. Here’s the real story....
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FedEx autonomous delivery robot travels on sidewalks, roadsides, climbs stairs February 27, 2019
Fox Business - Robots may soon deliver your packages from major retailers like Target, Walgreens and Walmart, FedEx Executive Vice President Brie Carere told FOX Business on Wednesday....
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FedEx’s Fred Smith puts e-commerce in perspective September 21, 2017
Air Transport World - The e-commerce revolution, which is changing the shape of express cargo delivery, is not quite as straightforward as many people may think and should be kept in perspective, according to FedEx chairman and CEO Fred Smith...
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Business Rivals Agree on Policy August 13, 2017
The Wall Street Journal - At a time when the U.S. needs unity and bold reforms, American businesses must be partners in building the future. While the business community has diverse interests, every company should agree on basic policy priorities if we want to be globally competitive...
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How Realistic Is a U.S.-China Trade War? FedEx CEO Weighs In March 14, 2017
Fortune - At a Fortune Global Forum dinner held in New York City last night, FedEx CEO Fred Smith weighed in. There's a good reason both countries are acting the way that they are, he told Fortune editor Alan Murray, and the macro trends are more important than the political posturing...
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FedEx Bets on Automation as It Prepares to Fend Off Uber and Amazon February 3, 2017
MIT Technology Review - The shipping giant is investing in autonomous trucks, and is interested in delivery robots and an Alexa app...
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How Trade Made America Great March 25, 2016
The Wall Street Journal - The FedEx founder and CEO reflects on how deregulation and opening markets have wrought astonishing changes and prosperity over 50 years....
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Watch FedEx Ship Millions of Packages This Holiday Season December 16, 2015
ABC News - FedEx is helping Santa Claus ship a record number of packages this holiday season. The company predicts it will ship 317 million items between Thanksgiving and Christmas...
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Air Cargo Executives of the Year: FedEx’s Fred Smith & David Bronczek December 1, 2015
Air Cargo World - In early April of this year, news broke from FedEx Corp. that raised a few eyebrows among cargo executives worldwide...
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Fred Smith: Planets aligned for FedEx-TNT deal April 7, 2015
CNBC - A favorable dollar exchange rate against the euro, an ongoing stimulus program in Europe and low oil prices converged to make multibillion-dollar deal between FedEx Corp. and Dutch rival TNT Express possible, Fred Smith said on Tuesday...
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How FedEx Streamlines Operations At Freight Docks April 2, 2014
InformationWeek - Much of the muscle behind FedEx's massive delivery service takes place at freight distribution centers, where supervisors, forklift drivers, and truck drivers work together to load and unload packages...
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FedEx's Rob Carter On What It Takes To Be A Board-Level CIO March 10, 2014
Forbes - There are few chief information officers with as stellar a reputation as Rob Carter’s. He has played an integral role in FedEx’s sophisticated logistics and analytics systems, which have been sources of efficiency for the company and its customers, and have fueled tremendous revenue growth at the same time...
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World's Best CEOs March 23, 2013
Barron's - Fred Smith named one of the World’s Best CEOs by Barron’s. Still innovating in the express industry even after 40 years...
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Special Report Interview with FedEx CEO Fred Smith March 14, 2013
Fox News Special Report - Bret Baier talks with the business leader about the economy, tax reform, energy policy and other issues affecting U.S. businesses...
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FedEx’s CEO: How to Restore U.S. Economic Growth December 6, 2012
Bloomberg - Fred Smith, chief executive officer of FedEx Corp., talks about the importance of international trade, how investments drive job creation and the way to restore economic growth in the U.S...
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FedEx CEO on China, U.S. and Global Economy May 15, 2012
The Wall Street Journal - FedEx CEO Frederick W. Smith says China's protectionist policies are hurting the global economy. He also points out problems facing the U.S. economy, including energy policy and taxes, and details possible solutions in a discussion with WSJ's Alan Murray at Viewpoints West in Menlo Park, Calif...
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FedEx CEO Fred Smith on ... everything May 11, 2012
CNN, FORTUNE - FedEx CEO Fred Smith sounds off on China, the U.S. economy, the value of a good name, and why the government shouldn't pay for a liberal arts education...
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Reviving America's Economy: 3 Issues We Need to Address Now March 29, 2012
Forbes - We need to deal right now with three issues critical to renewing the American economy and sparking growth: reducing our reliance on imported petroleum; combating overregulation; and revitalizing business through tax reform, education and training...
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Absolutely, Positively: How FedEx Delivers February 15, 2012
MSNBC, Rock Center with Brian Williams - To see how FedEx works, Rock Center traveled to the company's Memphis, Tenn. hub, where Brian Williams talks to FedEx founder and CEO Fred Smith about how he turned a college paper on overnight delivery into a successful business...
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Lead, Have a Clear Strategy, Delegate July 30, 2011
Barron's - CEO Spotlight FedEx founder and CEO Fred Smith first learned about leadership as a young Marine officer in Vietnam. He used those same principles to build FedEx into a $28 billion company...
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