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Patrick Fitzgerald, senior vice president of integrated marketing and communications for FedEx Services, spoke with CNBC in February 2019 about the size and scope of the FedEx network and whether Amazon should be viewed as a competitor.


"We honestly don't see a world where Amazon would be a competitor to FedEx, because there is no sensible way to compare them,” said Patrick Fitzgerald, FedEx Services senior vice president of integrated marketing and communications. “You can carve out some local delivery in highly dense markets. That's in no way a competitive threat to the broad portfolio of business that FedEx does."

"In a given week, Amazon flies 671 flights,” said Fitzgerald. “The FedEx number of flights per week is closer to 13,000. Amazon is a revolutionary e-commerce company, but that doesn't mean that Amazon can just suddenly decide to become competitive with FedEx in transportation."

"Amazon is a longtime customer of ours,” said Fitzgerald. “We're proud of the partnership, but they're not our largest customer. They represent less than 1.3 percent of our total revenue for 2018. Clearly, for our competitors, the percentage of revenue from Amazon is significantly higher."

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