Investor FAQs

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Where are FedEx shares traded?Show
FedEx Corp. common stock is traded on The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol FDX.
How do I invest in FedEx stock?Show
FedEx Corp. common stock can be bought or sold through a stockbroker, bank or financial institution that offers brokerage services. Shares can also be purchased through the EquiServe Investment Plan for FedEx Corporation, an alternative to traditional retail brokerage methods of purchasing, holding and selling FedEx Corp. common stock. Additional information on this program can be obtained by calling 800-524-3120 or from the Computershare website.
Does FedEx Corp. pay a dividend on common stock? Does FedEx Corp. have a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)?Show
Prior to May 31, 2002, FedEx had never declared a cash dividend. On May 31, 2002, our Board of Directors declared a cash dividend of $0.05 per share on the company's common stock. We expect to continue to pay regular quarterly cash dividends, though each subsequent quarterly dividend is subject to review and approval by the Board. Historical dividend payment dates and amounts are listed in the Dividends/Splits section of our website. If you are a registered shareholder and would like to sign up for dividend reinvestment, you may contact Computershare at 800-446-2617 or visit the Computershare website to request information on how to sign up for dividend reinvestment. If you own your shares in a brokerage account, contact your broker.
What is FedEx's CUSIP number?Show
The CUSIP number for FedEx's common stock is 31428X 10 6.
Who is FedEx's transfer agent?Show
FedEx's transfer agent, Computershare, is responsible for maintaining all records of registered stockholders. They are available to resolve problems related to unpaid dividends or lost, destroyed or stolen certificates. Computershare can also facilitate changes of address or certificate holder information. If you are FedEx stockholder, you own your shares directly (not through a broker) and need to change your records pertaining to the stock, please contact Computershare at the address and phone number below, or send your request via e-mail:

P.O. Box 43069
Providence, RI 02940-3069
When did FedEx begin trading on the stock market?Show
Federal Express Corporation's initial public offering was on April 12, 1978 at $24.00 per share. Federal Express began trading on the NYSE on December 28, 1978 under the ticker symbol FDX. The ticker symbol FDX is now used by FedEx Corp., the holding company for Federal Express Corp. (FedEx Express), FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight and FedEx Services.
When has FedEx stock split?Show
FedEx Corp. common shares have split five times.

Payment date AmountPrice Before/After Split
Sep. 25, 19782 for 1$53.00 / $26.50
Oct. 31, 19802 for 1$75.00 / $37.50
Oct. 31, 19832 for 1$83.25 / $41.625
Nov. 4, 19962 for 1$83.00 / $41.50
May 6, 19992 for 1$111.75 / $55.875
What is FedEx's fiscal year?Show
The Company's fiscal year begins on June 1 and ends on May 31. By quarter:

First QuarterJun. 1- Aug. 31
Second QuarterSep. 1- Nov. 30
Third QuarterDec. 1- Feb. 28
Fourth QuarterMar. 1- May 31
When does FedEx Corp. release its earnings reports?Show
Earnings reports are typically released about three weeks following the close of the fiscal quarter and about four weeks following the close of the fiscal year. Projected earnings release dates are listed in the Upcoming Events section of our website. A press release announcing the earnings is sent via Business Wire and also posted in Earnings Releases.
What are FedEx Corporation's debt ratings?Show
The senior unsecured debt of FedEx Corp. and FedEx Express is rated BBB by Standard & Poors and Baa1 by Moody's. FedEx Corp. commercial paper is rated A2 by Standard & Poors and P2 by Moody's.
What year and where was FedEx incorporated?Show
FedEx Corp. was incorporated as FDX Corporation in the state of Delaware on October 2, 1997. Federal Express Corp. was incorporated in the state of Delaware on June 24, 1971.
When is FedEx's annual meeting of stockholders?Show
Typically, the Company's annual meeting is held the last Monday in September, but the date is subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Directors. The projected annual meeting date is listed in the Upcoming Events section of our website.
Who are the Financial Analysts that follow FedEx Corp.?Show
Please go to our section entitled Analyst Coverage for a listing of financial analysts that follow FedEx Corp.
How may I obtain copies of FedEx's financial information?Show
Most of the Company's reports and financial filings can be printed or downloaded from the Annual Reports, Quarterly Results and SEC Filings sections of this site. If you still need a copy mailed to your address, you may request the materials by submitting our information request form.
How do I contact FedEx Investor Relations?Show
FedEx Corp. Investor Relations
942 South Shady Grove Road
Second Floor
Memphis, TN 38120
Telephone: 901-818-7200