Annual Reports

“FedEx is becoming a more efficient business, and we’re more competitive than ever as we expand solutions for customers.” – Frederick W. Smith

FedEx Annual Report 2013

We took aggressive action to boost future profitability.

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2012: To Stay Ahead, We Go BeyondShow

2012 Annual Report

We committed to a strong performance, and we delivered.

2011: Momentum DefinedShow

2011 Annual Report

We are reaping the benefits of strategies we executed during tougher times

2010: You Ain't Seen Nothing YetShow

2010 Annual Report

FedEx does what strong companies should do in a downturn: Emerge stronger than ever.

2009: The Long Future Show

2009 Annual Report

From the day the company was created, FedEx tries to envision, and then build, what the commerce of the future will require.

2008: We Help Others See, Reach, Thrive Show

2008 Annual Report

FedEx is an extraordinary collection of unprecedented networks. As the reach and influence of our networks expand, people's lives improve, communities grow and the global marketplace thrives.

2007: Possibility Speaks Show

2007 Annual Report

FedEx enters its 35th year of continuous operation proud to be a team that focuses on the future and new ways to help customers achieve their goals in the vast global marketplace.

2006: We’re All Part of Something Bigger Show

2006 Annual Report

FedEx Corporation achieves another year of record revenues and earnings, but results cannot completely capture the positive impact it sees from ever-expanding access to goods, services and information around the globe.

2005: Can You See All That’s Possible? Show

2005 Annual Report

A snapshot of FedEx Corporation shows record revenues and earnings from solid execution of our business strategy. However the real story is not a single snapshot but the bigger picture — one of long-term, sustained growth and shareowner value.

2004: Shaping the New Global Marketplace Show

2004 Annual Report

While proud of its financial performance, FedEx is excited about prospects for the future, especially a trend redefining business and the world – the increasing desire for products from every corner of the globe.

2003: At the Center of It AllShow

2003 Annual Report

FedEx continues to help shape and accelerate the fast-moving world of business. It’s at the heart of deep changes in global commerce, and creating new ways to serve customers and expand opportunities for growth.

2002: Leading the Way Show

2002 Annual Report

FedEx prides itself on being agile in the marketplace, anticipating opportunities and capitalizing on the unexpected -- a strategy that is a compass for decision-making and distinguishes FedEx from the competition.

2001: Great Challenge, Great Opportunity Show

2001 Annual Report

FedEx responds to an economic decline with prudent financial management actions without sacrificing long-term opportunity.

2000: FedEx Corporation Show

2000 Annual Report

After two years as FDX Corporation, FedEx adopts a new name more accurately reflecting its corporate identity – FedEx Corporation.

1999: Delivering Superior Solutions WorldwideShow

1999 Annual Report

Across FedEx, the entire team is working together to provide total solutions that customers demand and deserve.

1998: A new era in transportation – again Show

1998 Annual Report

Twenty-five years after founding the express distribution industry, FedEx acquires the Caliber System, Inc. companies, leaders in ground small-package delivery, expedited surface shipping, less-than-truckload freight: and integrated logistics management.

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