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Economic update

U.S. GDP is expected to increase 6.1% in CY2021 and 4.1% in CY2022. An improving labor market, increasing vaccine availability, and a substantial fiscal boost are benefiting the growth outlook. Solid goods demand has driven a pickup in consumer spending, while services spending should continue to recover. Capital investment, home building and the need to restock inventories is supporting industrial activity. We expect industrial production (IP) growth of 6.8% in CY2021, which would be the strongest calendar year U.S. IP growth in the 21st century.

From a global perspective, trade and industrial production, led by China and the rest of emerging Asia, have fully recovered to pre-pandemic levels. World real GDP growth is forecasted at 5.5% in CY2021 and 4.1% in CY2022. Growth will be driven by the release of pent-up demand for services. Investment demand and inventory restocking will support continued growth in manufacturing and trade. The timeline for the end of the pandemic remains a source of uncertainty for the outlook as vaccination, case rates, and the development of variant strains vary significantly across countries.

CY2020 CY2021* CY2022*

GDP Forecast
U.S. (3.5) % 6.1 % 4.1 %
Global (3.7) % 5.5 % 4.1 %

U.S. Growth
Industrial Production (6.7) % 6.8 % 4.2 %
Consumer Spending (3.9) % 6.7 % 4.1 %


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