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Acquisition History

Federal Express Corporation is founded in Little Rock, AR in 1971 by Frederick W. Smith.

Year Acquisition Overview


Gelco Express International

FedEx dramatically expands its presence outside of the U.S. with the acquisition of Gelco Express, a worldwide courier with service to 84 countries.


Tiger International Inc.

With the integration of the Flying Tiger Line, FedEx becomes the world's largest full-service, all-cargo airline. The acquisition includes routes to 21 countries, a fleet of cargo aircraft including Boeing 747s, facilities throughout the world and Flying Tigers' expertise in international airfreight.


Caliber System Inc.

FedEx creates FDX Corporation (later renamed FedEx Corporation) and grows its portfolio of services with the addition of ground small-package carrier RPS (now FedEx Ground), Western U.S. less-than-truckload carrier Viking Freight (now part of FedEx Freight), Caliber Logistics (now FedEx SupplyChain Systems), Caliber Technology (now part of FedEx Services) and Roberts Express (now FedEx Custom Critical).


Tower Group International Inc.
WorldTariff Ltd.

FedEx Corp. creates FedEx Trade Networks. Today, FedEx Trade Networks is one of the largest-volume customs entry filers in North America and provides FedEx customers with end-to-end transportation and customs clearance solutions around the world.


American Freightways Corp.

FedEx Corp. acquires this less-than-truckload carrier serving the Central and Eastern U.S. to complement Viking Freight. Rebranded as FedEx Freight in 2002, these companies combine to make FedEx Freight a leader in the regional less-than-truckload shipping industry.


Kinko's Inc.

FedEx Corp. expands its retail access to all of the 1,200 Kinko's stores. With the backing of a FORTUNE 100 corporation, Kinko's gains the resources and expertise needed to continue expansion of its corporate document outsourcing business and international operations.


Parcel Direct

FedEx Corp. broadens its residential delivery portfolio with the acquisition of Parcel Direct, a leading parcel consolidator. Parcel Direct becomes a subsidiary of FedEx Ground and is renamed FedEx SmartPost. The company offers a proven solution to customers in the fast-growing e-tail and catalog industries seeking a cost-effective means of shipping low-weight, less time-sensitive goods to residential customers.


ANC Holdings Limited

FedEx Corp. acquires ANC Holdings Limited, a United Kingdom domestic express transportation company for £120 million. This transaction will allows FedEx Express to directly serve the entire UK domestic market.


Watkins Motor Lines

FedEx Corp. acquires Watkins Motor Lines, a leading provider of long-haul LTL services, for $780 million.


Flying Cargo Hungary Kft

FedEx Express acquires its Hungarian global service participant, Flying Cargo Hungary Kft, giving FedEx a wholly-owned operation in one of the region's dynamic markets.


Tianjin Datian W. Group Co., Ltd.

FedEx Corp. acquires Tianjin Datian W. Group Co., Ltd.'s ("DTW Group") 50 percent share of the FedEx-DTW International Priority express joint venture and DTW Group's domestic express network in China for approximately US$400 million in cash.


Prakash Air Freight Pvt. Ltd.

FedEx Express acquires its primary Indian service provider, Prakash Air Freight Pvt. Ltd. (PAFEX), for approximately $33 million.


AFL Pvt. Ltd./Unifreight India Pvt. Ltd.

FedEx Express acquires the logistics, distribution and express businesses of AFL Pvt. Ltd. and its affiliate, Unifreight India Pvt. Ltd. This acquisition provides FedEx more robust domestic transportation and added capabilities in India.


Servicios Nacionales Mupa, S.A. de C.V. (MultiPack)

FedEx Express acquires the operations of MultiPack in Mexico. MultiPack's existing operations include its pick-up and delivery network, warehousing and logistics services, 48 distribution centers, 13 warehouses and more than 500 retail outlets, all of which will be consolidated into the FedEx business.


Opek Sp.z o.o.

FedEx Corp. acquires the Polish courier company Opek Sp.z o.o. (Opek) for $54 million. This acquisition gives its FedEx Express business unit access to a nationwide domestic ground network with an estimated $70 million in annual revenue and 12.5 million shipments annually.



FedEx Corp. acquires TATEX, a leading French business-to-business express transportation company, for $55 million. This acquisition gives its FedEx Express business unit access to a nationwide domestic ground network which carries 19 million shipments and produces approximately €150 million in revenues annually.


Rapidão Cometa

FedEx Corp. acquires Rapidão Cometa, one of the largest transportation and logistics companies in Brazil. This acquisition brings more than $500 million of annual revenue, and is the latest step in the company’s strategy for profitable growth in FedEx Express's Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region.



FedEx acquires the Supaswift businesses in South Africa and six other countries (Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland and Zambia). The Supaswift acquisitions represent the latest step in the company’s strategy to grow its African network and service offering.


Bongo International

FedEx Corp. acquires Bongo International, a leader in cross border enablement technologies and solutions. Bongo International’s technology and processes provide a comprehensive and integrated end-to-end solution that helps retailers and e-tailers grow by reaching international consumers. Bongo International’s capabilities complement and expand the FedEx portfolio of offerings important to the rapidly growing global e-commerce marketplace.



FedEx Corp. acquires GENCO, one of the largest third-party logistics providers in North America. GENCO is a pioneer and market leader in reverse logistics, test and repair, remarketing and product liquidation solutions. GENCO’s complete range of product lifecycle services include inbound logistics; warehousing & distribution; fulfillment; contract packaging; managed transportation; systems integration; returns processing & disposition; test, repair, refurbishment; product liquidation; and recycling. With a comprehensive portfolio of supply chain services, GENCO’s expertise will expand existing FedEx service offerings in the evolving retail and e-commerce markets.


TNT Express

FedEx Corp. acquires TNT Express, one of the world’s largest express delivery companies, for €4.4 billion. Each day, TNT Express delivers nearly one million consignments of documents, parcels and freight through its road and air delivery services in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. TNT Express reported revenue of €6.9 billion in 2015.


Northwest Research Inc.

FedEx Corp. acquires Northwest Research, a leader in inventory research and management.


P2P Mailing Limited

FedEx Corp. acquires P2P Mailing Limited, a leading provider of worldwide e-commerce transportation solutions, for £92 million. P2P’s capabilities complement and expand the FedEx portfolio of offerings important to the rapidly growing global e-commerce marketplace.


Manton Air-Sea Pty Ltd

FedEx acquires Manton Air-Sea Pty Ltd, a leading provider of logistics services with operations across Australia (for a purchase price of less than $10 million).


Flying Cargo Group

FedEx acquires the International Express business of Flying Cargo Group in Israel.

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